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 ESTATE SALES BY LOLA has a long list of satisfied clients; the following are testimonials from just a few...



"What a great job, from the appraisal to the final sale you were over the top wonderful ! Can't imagine doing it without your assistance."                

Mark Townsend  Angwin, CA            


 " I was amazed at how wonderful everything was displayed and what a shock when I got the final check. Thanks again for your sensitivity and compassion."

Marilyn Hill  Napa, CA



"We can't thank you enough for the professional manner in which you conducted the sale of my Mother's things. Seeing that empty house was such a relief."  

Edie   Napa, CA

Thanks again for the outstanding job you did for us concerning my deceased mother in laws estate. Since we had to travel from Seattle to Twin Falls Idaho and were on limited time, we really appreciate how you took care of everything. 
Thank you for the wonderful service you provided us.
Tom & Jean
Seattle, WA

Hi Lola,
Just wanted to send a note to thank you and your crew for the great job you did liquidating my Mother's estate. My siblings and I were just going in circles trying to figure out how to handle getting rid of Mom's things and since most of us don't live nearby the only option was to donate everything. You came along and saved us, can't imagine why you like what you do (it's way too much work for me). But you came in and just took charge, you saved the day and made us allot of money in the process. You were great at keeping us all in line and not letting us argue over silly things. I think you missed your calling, what a great mediator you are.
Thanks again from all of us, you rock,

 Estate Sales by Lola is the best choice to be made when it comes to estate sales and total liquidation of items inside and outside of the home. Lola is extremely easy to work with, especially when the loss of a family member is why the sale is necessary. I was totally relieved of all stress in this situation. In fact there wasn't anything I had to do other than come to find a totally empty home when the sale was over. Lola and her staff have extensive knowledge of he value and pricing of all items under the sun. Combined with an intense advertising strategy, there is no way anyone could miss or not find the sale from anywhere in the whole town. Even after the sale, Lola took care of the small amount of leftovers I consider useless junk, arranging for all of it to be picked up  by charities. I was provided with a huge amount of relief and a check amounting to far more than I ever expected. Bottom line, if you need an estate sale provided with above and beyond service, there is absolutely no other choice but Estates by Lola. Highly recommended.
Jon Squicciarini
Napa, CA

I can't thank you enough for convincing me that I needed to have a sale to liquidate the remainder of items from the house. The way you  and your staff just took charge of everything and made it all happen so quickly was just amazing. Your promise to have the house empty and clean by the closing date was doubtful to me and yet you came through and made it look easy. You and your staff certainly are deserving of lots of praise for what you do, it is certainly a service that is helpful and necessary and you do it well.
Thanks again,
Napa, CA

Thank you Lola for taking charge of my Father's estate and for your patience and understanding. You seem to know exactly how to handle all the emotions involved in this process and just took over and made it so much easier. You and your staff did a great job of staging and pricing everything and the neighbors told me the crowd was quite large and yet controlled by your staff (not one complaint). Your take charge attitude really helped me through the process and the fact that you even handled the house cleaning and contacting the Realtor to let her know the house was ready was just great. Living so far away it was such a relief to know it was all handled.
I certainly would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need.
Thanks again,

I want to thank you and your entire staff for the successful sale of our parents estate. You saved us countless hours of work and the emotional hardship of dealing with family memories. Your professionalism was evident throughout the process: understanding family emotions: staging of the estate, pricing and delivering serious motivated buyers to the sale. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone who has to deal with the liquidation of an estate.
St Helena, CA

To Lola and her Crew,
Wow! I can't thank you enough for that nice clean empty house. As you know we took two years trying to make this happen. You walked into that mess and said "No problem, we can do this". Didn't think it possible but I just got the photos you sent and it is not only empty but clean! And to top it off I got a check. Could not even begin to tell you how happy I am with the results. You and your crew are the best. I would be happy to recommend you to others in need of assistance.
Best Wishes,
Santa Rosa

Dear Lola,
I am writing to tell you how pleased a we are with the assistance you gave my siblings and I in liquidating my Mother's estate. We were so totally overwhelmed and it was just too emotional for us to even try to empty the house of Mom's things. You were very compassionate and took care of all the details. I realize my Sister can be a bit trying but you never flinched and made her feel at ease and comfortable with what was taking place. She talks about you all the time and how nice you were.
I especially liked the way you explained that the things Mom loved are now going on for someone else to love. We can't keep it all, nor do we need to. Please also pass are heartfelt thank you to your crew, they really do work hard.
Hope are paths cross again,
Robert, James and Karen
Napa, CA

Hi Lola,
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we were with you and your staff and how you handled our complicated sale. We ask allot of you and your staff and you came through as promised. From moving everything from storage and setting up and entire house that was beautiful and decorated so professionally it was amazing.  I can't believe how hard you all work and how well you work together to make things happen. You made it seem like fun and I know it could not have all been enjoyable. We watched from inside our house as you emptied the other house and yard of just about everything and were amazed at how well you all worked with the public and seemed to be adored by the customers. It was really refreshing to see how even the most difficult and annoying customer was handled in a respectful manner and you managed the crowd with ease. Reuben is a gem and the two of you seem to really love working together.  Liz, Mickey, Ashley and Sharon seemed to really enjoy what they were doing and all worked very hard in unbelievable heat and yet seemed to be having fun. You are a true professional and we would be more than happy to recommend your services to others.
Let's stay in touch.
Thanks again,
Bill and Karen

To Lola and her staff,
Thank you is just not enough for what you did for me. Loosing my Dad was so difficult and it was such a blessing to find someone like you to just take over and handle everything. I was so worried about how we were going to empty that house and get it sold and you made it so simple. You even took names of potential buyers for the house, something I didn't expect and as it turned out one of them bought it! The photos on the website made my Dad's things look great and the house looked so different when you were finished staging it. I even heard from a friend that she is on your e-mail list and goes to all your sales and has nothing but good to say about you and your staff and how you conduct your sales. Couldn't believe the bag of change you found in the house and turned over after the sale, never thought that would happen.  I will most certainly recommend your services to others.
Best wishes,

Dear Lola,
Thanks again for everything you did to assist us in emptying my Aunt's house.  I realize it ended up not being what I had promised it would be but you still took it on and made it a success. The way you handled the unexpected interruptions was great and it took the pressure off me. This was very difficult for my Aunt and at times I know she made it hard for you but your only concern was that she was OK. Your patience and compassion was so refreshing and certainly made it easier for my Aunt and for us. You will be the name we give to anyone in need of help with estate liquidations.
Good luck to you,


Hi Lola,
Could not let too much time pass without thanking you for everything you did for us. Our downsizing and moving on was a big decision and it was so much easier with you at the helm. You and your crew are true professionals and handled everything needed to complete this mission. Just wasn't sure we could empty that house, but you did it!  You came through with everything promised and brought in customers that knew what they were looking for and were willing to pay for it. As you know, my wife has had a few yard sales here but never have we seen the crowds like you brought in. I counted 45 customers waiting out front an hour before you opened and it stayed busy the entire weekend.
We now consider you a friend and hope that we can stay in touch. Please thank Mickey, Mary, Liz and Sharon for all their help, they truly are special people.
Hope to see you soon,

Dear Lola,
Wanted to let you know how much my family and I appreciate your efforts in liquidating items left in my Fathers home. I know it wasn't a large sale for you but you managed to empty the house completely and leave it clean and ready for the new owners. Since we all live out of town it was very comforting to know all was handled and Dad even got a nice check (much more than expected). We certainly will not hesitate to give your information to others needing your services.
Thank you!

Hi Lola,
I know I should have sent this note sooner but did not want more time to go by without thanking you and Mickey for all your hard work. You made my Mom's house look so nice and sold so much more than I could imagine. Recently receiving another check for consignment items was also a nice surprise. You certainly seem to know what you are doing and followed through with everything promised and more.
Take care,

Dear Lola,
Thought I should take a moment to thank you for your assistance conducting our sale. I know you were concerned about doing a sale at that time of year but you certainly brought in the customers and nearly emptied the house for us. We rented the house quickly after the sale and no longer have to worry about what to do. And to our surprise we got nice big checks from your efforts.
Thanks again and good luck to you,

Hi Lola,
Hope you are doing well. Just couldn't let too much time go by without thanking you and your crew for the professional way you conducted the estate sale for me. I realize there were some difficulties but you just seemed to take them in stride. I couldn't believe it when I came by that first day and the house was nearly empty, what a surprise!  Coming in after the sale and seeing it empty and clean was just great and certainly appreciated. Please pass my thanks on to your crew, you are so lucky to have such great people working for you.
Please stay in touch,

Hello Lola,
Received this e-mail from a subscriber:

"I purchased a couple items yesterday at an estate sale in Napa,CA. This was my first experience at an estate sale and it won't be my last. I was very impressed with the way it was set up, items priced to see, people available for questions and and most of all very fair prices. Even had someone directing parking which was needed. Thanks for a great experience."

After we asked for the company name she said it was you. We just wanted you to see the e-mail and add our congratulations for a great customer response.  Keep up the great work. It is companies like yours that make our job easier.

Dan McQuade

Dear Lola and Mickey,
Wow, I can't thank you enough for the great sale you did for me. I know I held you up longer than expected and I apologize for the sales in CA you lost while waiting for me to get my stuff together.
I couldn't believe the crowd that came and how they just kept coming all weekend. You certainly came through as promised. I can now move on and get my house sold. Just wish I had done this when I first talked to you about it before my house got robbed 3 times!! You came highly recommended and now I know why. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for assistance.
Thanks again,

Dear Estates by Lola Crew,
After loosing both my parents so close together I was at a total loss as to what I should do with all their belongings and found it just too emotional to deal with by myself. A friend recommended I contact you to see if you could help and what a great idea that turned out to be. You and your crew took over and made the task I just couldn't do seem so simple. I couldn't believe it when you called to tell me you found money in a book, even though it wasn't a great deal of money it was refreshing to know how honest you were. You and your crew made my parents home look so wonderful, I would have never been able to stage it the way you did. It didn't just look like a garage sale but more like a model home. It was so refreshing to see that you like what you do and took all the pressure off, not to mention the guilt I felt in not being able to accomplish this myself. I was also so surprised at the total amount, I really didn't think my parents things would bring that much money.
Please give my regards to Mickey, Molly, Mary and the others and thank them again for a job well done.

Hi Lola,
Sorry I have let so much time go by without letting you know how much I appreciate what you and your team of miracle worker's did for my family. It was such a relief to have you take over for me. With my bother and sister being so far away I was left with the task of emptying my mom's house and getting it on the market to be sold. After 6 long months of trying to figure out how I could possibly do all this by myself my dear friend Janice told me about you and what you do, I didn't know there was such a service.
We finally sold the house and I can't tell you what a relief that is. I can now consider the job done and feel comfortable knowing mom's things and her home have all gone on to new owner's.
Thanks again and please thank your crew,

Dear Lola,
Just a quick note to thank you for helping my Dad with liquidating all the things he couldn't take with him to his retirement home. It was as you well know very difficult for him, but he loved you and you handled him with such compassion. He wants me to be sure and invite you to his 95th birthday party in Sept., he truly considers you family now.
Thanks again and take care,

Hi Lola,
Wanted to take a moment to tell you and your crew how much we appreciate what you did for our family. We are so pleased that a family friend told us about you and how much you helped them. My sisters and I are so happy with the results and very surprised at the amount you were able to generate from what little my mom had. I know this was not one of your best sales but appreciate that you were still willing to help us out. We love that you put your family to work when possible, that really meant allot to us.
Please tell everyone who helped that we send our thanks and please know that we will most certainly recommend your services to others in need.

To my new friend and her amazing crew.
Thank you is not good enough to tell you how I feel. You were amazing and went way beyond what I expected. I know you do not usually want clients to remain during the sale and I do understand why but you graciously allowed me to remain and it was amazing to watch you and your crew do your thing.
I had a great time and you were right about customers trying to get discounts from me because they knew who I was. I loved that I could just tell them to go to you that I had no control, it was actually kinda fun.
I look forward to seeing you again and hope that you do call when you are in town. Looking forward to another dinner out.
Take care and please stay in touch,


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